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Organic Acids Testing + Results Consultation + 3 Follow-up Consultations

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Introducing our cutting-edge Organic Acid Testing Kit, designed specifically for fitness enthusiasts and athletes seeking to optimize their performance and overall well-being. This innovative testing method allows you to gain valuable insights into your body's biochemistry, enabling you to fine-tune your training, nutrition, and recovery strategies like never before.

Consultations with results analysis included.


Our Organic Acid Testing Kit utilizes advanced analytical techniques to measure the levels of organic acids present in your urine sample.

These organic acids are metabolic byproducts that provide crucial information about the functioning of various physiological processes within your body. By analyzing these organic acid levels, you can identify potential imbalances, deficiencies, or areas that require attention, ultimately empowering you to make informed decisions to enhance your fitness journey.

With the Organic Acid Testing Kit, you can expect a comprehensive analysis covering a wide range of metabolic markers. This includes organic acids associated with energy production, nutrient absorption, neurotransmitter balance, oxidative stress, detoxification capacity, and more.

By evaluating these markers, you'll gain insights into how efficiently your
body is utilizing nutrients, whether there are any underlying nutritional
deficiencies, or if there are imbalances affecting your energy levels, mental clarity, or recovery.

You can learn more in our article.


1. Personalized Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your body's metabolic processes, allowing you to personalize your training, nutrition, and supplementation plans for optimal results.

2. Nutritional Optimization: Identify any nutrient deficiencies or imbalances, enabling you to make targeted dietary adjustments to support your fitness goals.

3. Enhanced Recovery: Pinpoint areas of potential oxidative stress or detoxification issues, helping you optimize your recovery and reduce fatigue.

4. Performance Optimization: Fine-tune your training strategies based on insights into energy production, neurotransmitter balance, and other key markers to maximize your athletic performance.

5. Long-term Wellness: By addressing imbalances and optimizing your body's metabolic functions, you'll support your overall well-being and long-term health.


  1. Purchase the lab and consultation.
  2. The kit will be shipped to you (takes about 3-5 days).
  3. Follow the instructions carefully in the at-home kit and ship back to lab.
  4. Turnaround time is about 14 days from arrival to lab.
  5. We will reach out and schedule your consultation!

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