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Full Spectrum Electrolytes

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Introducing Full Spectrum Electrolytes, a comprehensive and balanced electrolyte formula designed to enhance optimal hydration, particularly after intense sweating. Packed with essential electrolytes like potassium, sodium, chloride, and magnesium, this formulation covers the complete spectrum of electrolyte needs for your body.


  • Improves electrolyte balance
  • Improves hormone balance
  • Promotes hydration

 If you want to learn more about the importance of electrolytes, click here.


In addition to the vital electrolytes, we have incorporated D-ribose, recognized for its significant role in supporting cardiac function, exercise recovery, and energy production.

Taurine, another key ingredient, works to regulate cellular electrolyte flow, ensuring harmonious balance within your cells. To complement these benefits, Full Spectrum Electrolytes also contain vitamin C, along with the synergistic compounds quercetin and citrus bioflavonoids.

Vitamin C plays a crucial role in supporting the cardiovascular system by promoting the synthesis of healthy collagen, a fundamental building block of blood vessels.* By including these ingredients, Full Spectrum Electrolytes provide holistic support for your overall well-being.

Enjoy the versatility of Full Spectrum Electrolytes as it seamlessly mixes into any beverage or sports bottle. For a refreshing twist, mix it with water and create delicious popsicles by placing the mixture in an ice rack. The natural lemon-orange flavor of this product is sure to tantalize your taste buds, and its subtle sweetness is derived from a small amount of the natural herb stevia.

Upgrade your hydration game with Full Spectrum Electrolytes and experience the difference of a complete electrolyte solution that keeps you replenished and invigorated, no matter the activity or challenge at hand.

How to use

Suggested Use:

Take 1 scoop during the workout/ activity OR post-workout.

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