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Rich Jacobs


Rich Jacobs is a highly experienced strength and conditioning coach and functional sports nutritionist, with an impressive career spanning over 20 years. During his time as a strength coach, he played a vital role in securing 9 NCAA Conference Championships across renowned conferences such as the Big East, Big Ten, and SEC, as well as contributing to a National Championship in the SEC.

After leaving the NCAA, Rich embarked on his own path and expanded his expertise by gaining accreditation in functional and integrative nutrition. His focus shifted towards assisting professional, collegiate, and general population athletes in overcoming challenges related to fatigue, sleep, and hormonal issues. Notably, he has successfully supported prominent NFL figures in achieving their desired body composition and strength goals.

In his role as the Director of Functional Sports Nutrition at Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes, Rich played a key role in elevating the program to new heights. He achieved this by seamlessly integrating functional nutrition principles into an existing strength program, ultimately facilitating accelerated results for the athletes involved.


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